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L Shape Kitchen with Island

An L-shaped kitchen layout with an island workspace provides for maximum flexibility in cooking, entertaining and hanging out. A kitchen island is a countertop unattached to the main kitchen area, with access from all sides. The L-shaped kitchen shown here has three distinct zones, with enough space between them for free movement. The island, with its under-counter storage, provides additional space in the kitchen that can also be used as a breakfast counter. The additional island space can be designed in different ways to suit personal preferences.

U-Shaped Kitchen with Island

Adding an island to a U-shaped layout increases the kitchen's functionality as well as its interactivity. Whether the island is used for a work surface, seating, the sink or the cooktop (as shown), the cook can now get work done while facing out of the kitchen, allowing for conversations and the ability to keep an eye on family activities. In fact, adding an island also makes it much easier for a second cook to help with meal preparation and cleanup.

Starting from ₹250,157.00
(pay booking amount of ₹10,000)


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